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Day to Day Running of Your Business

We are always on hand to support you with business issues that may arise on a day to day basis. Whether you're having cash flow problems, staff issues or general business support, we are just a phone call away.


Disputes between shareholders/partners/directors

Disputes between shareholders, partners, stakeholders or directors can have a massive impact on the day to day running of your business and need to be acted upon quickly and sensitively.

Our litigation team offer advice and guidance on matters ranging from shareholder disputes, unfair prejudice claims, differences over the internal management of a company, interpretation of shareholder agreements, partnership agreements, breach of directors’ contracts,  director’s duties, interpretation and application of memorandum of articles of association, and disqualification of directors.

Should you find yourself in such a situation, our litigation lawyers can help you reach a satisfactory conclusion.

Problems with a Service or Supply Agreement

Even when you have taken the required steps to protect your core systems or supply chains, disputes can still arise and cause your business to suffer loss.

Breaches to supply and/or service level agreements, IT support or software contracts can cause a business to shut down and parties become swiftly entrenched. Our litigation lawyers look at your situation commercially to achieve the best outcome for you, be it settlement and an end to the contract, or where possible, to get the business relationship back on track.

Similarly when parties to distribution agreements experience difficulties it is imperative to not only to get their own contracts fulfilled, but to resolve their dispute as swiftly as possible. Our team understands the need for swift commercial advice to ensure minimal disruption.

Problems with goods or services?

There are many ways in which problems with goods and services can disrupt a business, as service that is not conducted with the required skill and care, miss-selling or mis-description of goods, the sale of defective goods and breaches of sales agreements all cost time and money to resolve taking you away from running you business.

Our team assists businesses in bringing as well as defending claims. We can assist you with investigating the alleged breaches, helping guide you through making a formal claim as well as responding to the business or consumer that has made a complaint to you.

With the recent changes to consumer trading regulations and the need to make consumers aware of alternative dispute resolution we can advise on the most effective method to resolve your dispute using alternative dispute resolution.

Dispute advice relating to building work on new or refurbished premises

Every project is unique, and there are a myriad of reasons why a dispute might take place during building work or refurbishment. We know how to move a dispute forward to resolution. The three areas that most often lead to disputes are time, cost and quality. We identify the problems and quickly explain how we can help resolve them.

You can count on us to carry out professional negligence claims on your behalf. We have acted on both sides for the employer and contractor.

If you are negotiating in a dispute, an independent professional mediator can help to break the stalemate. Mediation can be invaluable as it is subject to confidentiality and is a particularly cost-effective way of dealing with multi-party disputes. We are experts in unravelling the mindset of the other parties and have achieved a number of very successful high-profile cases.

Problems with your lease?

Whether you're a property investor, developer, landowner, landlord or tenant, we can help if a dispute arises over your lease.

Our experience with commercial leases and our understanding of your business needs often means we can find a solution to your problem without going to Court. However you'll find our trial experience is second to none if litigation is the only course of action.

If you are a landlord or a tenant, we can help with disputes concerning:

  • breaches of covenant under a lease
  • claims against guarantors and former tenants
  • serve notice at the end of a lease

If you want to extend your lease but are having difficulties, our Litigation team will work alongside the Commercial Property team to help you resolve the situation. For more information, click HERE.

Disputes with other professionals

When a professional provides you or your business with a service or advice, they have to meet a standard of care and a level of service as they are accountable to you.

If you suffer a loss due to the advice or service they supplied or lack of it, we can help you assess whether they are required to reimburse such losses, taking them to court if necessary.

Professional negligence can be found in all walks of life and includes claims against solicitors, surveyors and financial advisers. If you are an individual we understand how distressing it can be to have been let down by your advisors having placed your trust and reliance on them.


Franchising can be a key area of growth for business as it is a cost effective and efficient method of expansion.

With rapid expansion your business faces challenges and disputes can arise and we can support you as a franchisor or franchisee.

We understand the associated issues that franchisor's experience in disputes with passing off and brand protection being paramount and have a team that can assist you with all associated claims.

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