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Restructuring Your Business

BPE provides sound commercial legal advice throughout each lifestage of a business, whether it's changing the structure of the business from sole trader to a limited company or partnership or appointing sales agents, building or taking on a franchise or valuing your business for investment.

Commercial Property

Getting out of your lease or sub-letting

As a business grows it has the potential of outgrowing current premises but be committed to a lease. In these circumstances an assignment of that lease or a sub-letting of whole building will be required. The team will advise at all stages from the permitted actions under the lease, acquiring landlord's consent, drafting and negotiating the appropriate documentation to completion.

Throughout the process, the team will work with you as advisors to reach your required outcome.

Property Management Strategy

Planning for the future or dealing with unexpected events within a business will often lead to property involvement. Our team can advise on long term plans whether forward planning around a break clause in a lease or discussing the options around a freehold interest in addition to a sale. Options may also include transferring property within a group structure of leasing back to a group company. All options will be reviewed and discussed, taking into account funding requirements as well as existing funding.

Procurement and contract advice

Whether you are commissioning the design and construction of a new building, refurbishing an existing structure or undertaking an engineering or renewables project, you have to make sure that the legal structure reflects the commercial set up. We work alongside you and your Project Managers to gain a thorough understanding, and advise on getting the framework right. That way, you know you won't face expensive changes further down the line.

Breaking/extending your lease

If you're facing proceedings for breaking your lease, or need advice on how to end a lease early, or extend a commercial property lease, but are facing problems, we can help. Our commercial property litigation team are experts in business tenancy renewals.

If you are a landlord or a tenant, we can help with disputes concerning breaches of covenant under a lease or claims against guarantors and former tenants. We can also help you serve notice at the end of a lease, either because it has come to the end of its existing term or because you want to end the lease early under a break clause.

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