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Enforcing your contracts

Terminating a contract

If the worst were to happen and a client is unable to fulfill their obligation under a contract, what do you do?

Our Litigation team can advise on breach of contract issues including terminating a contract and how to recover compensation where application.

Liaising with creditors and debtors

If your company is in financial difficulties or is no longer able to trade, our lawyers can work with you, liaising with both creditors and debtors to negotiate on your behalf.

Administration, liquidation and receivership

We have a strong network of professional contacts including accountants and insolvency practitioners and can assist you through the process of recovering monies owed to you.

Advice to insolvency practitioners

Liquidators of insolvent companies will often find themselves looking first and foremost at the proverbial low-hanging fruit to make a recovery for creditors. 

This invariably includes directors, as the liquidator is required to scrutinise their conduct and whether any of it falls below that expected of a reasonably competent director, which if it does could see that director being personally liable to compensate the company (in liquidation) for that conduct. 

We are experts in acting both for liquidators to pursue claims against directors, and also for directors in responding to those claims.

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