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Employment Law

Our employment team can help with a whole range of legal and HR issues, ranging from advice on recruitment, drafting employment contracts and supporting you through employment tribunals to trade union disputes, restructuring and redundancy.

Employment contracts

Need advice on your service agreement?

If you are unhappy with the terms set out in your service agreement, our employment team can offer practical advice. We have a great deal of experience in drafting agreements for employers and so are well positioned to help employers with any concerns.

Need advice on restrictive covenants?

A restrictive covenant can be included in your employment contract to prevent you from working for a competing firm. If you are leaving a role and have been offered an agreement containing restrictive covenants, our legal team can help you make sense of what it means and how it will affect you future career. 

Want to leave your current employment?

If you've decided to leave your current role and need to negotiate an exit plan which is agreeable to both you and your employer, we can help. Regardless of whether or not negotiations have already begun, we can advise you on whether offers made by your employer are reasonable, ensure your interests are fully protected and enter negotiations on your behalf. 

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