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Competitors & Competition

From making sure you don't fall foul of competition law to protecting your business against parallel imports and IP infringement. We keep your business safe, helping you to operate more effectively, focusing on your business rather than the law.

IP Infringement

Passing Off

Your trade mark, reputation of your business and the quality of your goods and services are all valuable assets, all equally worth protecting, exploiting and enforcing. Letting others use your valuable assets may dilute or even tarnish the attractive force that you have built.

We understand the value of brands and how important it is for you and your business. We provide practical commercial solutions for your specific issue and are ready to help.

IP licensing

Infringement of trade marks and copyrights can be a criminal offence as well as being actionable in civil law. Criminal IP offences are also known as IP crime, counterfeiting and piracy. Whether you feel someone has infringed your business IP in some way, or if you are being threatened with legal action by someone who believes you have inadvertently infringed their protected business or products, please get in touch. 

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