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Customers and suppliers

From creating water tight supplier contracts to ensuring your business complies with consumer law regulations, we ensure your business is compliant both in the UK and internationally.


Information Commissioner's Office

The Information Commissioner's Office is responsible for enforcing the Data Protection Act and the Freedom of Information Act.

We can advise on DPA and FOIA requests, requirements and enforcement.

Trading Standards

The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations means if you are advertising to consumers, you are not allowed to mislead anyone by including false or deceptive messages in your advertising, leave out important information or use aggressive sales techniques.

If you are advertising to businesses you will need to follow 'The Business Protection from Misleading Marketing Regulations 2008' legislation. Breaking the regulations means you could face a fine, be prosecuted or imprisoned. We can talk you through the rights and wrongs of any advertising campaign and support you if you have come up against any problems.

Do my terms of sale meet with consumer law regulations?

It is important that your website be compliant with consumer rights and unfair trading regulations.  Our team can review the website and advise on any requirements to ensure it complies with consumer law.

Request for disclosure of information

If you have received a request to disclose information, we can help by advising what information you are and are not legally required to disclose.

Problems with goods or services?

There are many ways in which problems with goods and services can disrupt a business, as service that is not conducted with the required skill and care, miss-selling or mis-description of goods, the sale of defective goods and breaches of sales agreements all cost time and money to resolve taking you away from running you business.

Our team assists businesses in bringing as well as defending claims. We can assist you with investigating the alleged breaches, helping guide you through making a formal claim as well as responding to the business or consumer that has made a complaint to you.

With the recent changes to consumer trading regulations and the need to make consumers aware of alternative dispute resolution we can advise on the most effective method to resolve your dispute using alternative dispute resolution.

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