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International Trade

We work with businesses in every continent and can help you make the most of any international trading opportunity.

Doing business overseas

Trading overseas for the first time

We work with businesses in every continent, helping them comply with their own national laws and the laws applying in the territories where their suppliers and customers are based. Understanding the local culture is as important as knowing the local law. Our team can help you make the most of any overseas trading opportunity.

Ensuring business contracts are not anti-competitive or restrictive

Any size business needs to be aware of competition law as failure to comply can have serious consequences.  Firms showing anti-competitive behaviour risk being fined up to 10% of global turnover as well as exposing themselves to possible damages litigation. Individuals could also be disqualified from being a Director and even face criminal charges. Cartel behaviour is the most serious form of anti-competitive behaviour and carries the highest penalties.  
Our Commercial legal team can walk you through all aspects of Competition Law and make sure your business is compliant. 

Trading overseas? Have you got the right permits and licences?

UK law does not always apply overseas, even if that is where you work from, so it is important that you business ensures it has the correct permits, consents and licences to trade on foreign land.

Our commercial team has vast experience working with companies overseas and can point you in the right direction of what you need to stay compliant.

Complying with international laws

International laws can be vastly different from those in the UK meaning you should ensure your contracts apply in both locations.

Our commercial team has years of experience dealing with overseas laws and can put together robust contracts for you that will be compliant here and abroad.

Protecting your name, logo, brand and reputation overseas

Your brand is an extremely valuable asset. Our Commercial team can help you exploit your brand to its utmost potential by advising on all aspects of IPR including creation, ownership, registration, renewal, infringement, licensing and how to use/exploit it to further/develop the business.

Transferring data outside Europe

Businesses increasingly operate on an international basis and SME's increasingly use cloud and other technologies to collect, store and use data across borders. This means personal information may often be transferred outside of the UK without the knowledge of approval of those individuals. European data protection legislation builds in a standard of protection for personal data that is transferred outside of Europe and companies must comply with this and the UK Data Protection Act.

If you need to address data protection issues when dealing with overseas business or suppliers, we can help to ensure your data is protected.

Infringers are finding new ways to copy, imitate and free ride. The methods of policing infringement both online and offline is now more complex than ever before. The need for lawyers to understand the legal framework is a must, but to also know your business and the technology you adopt is added value.

Our litigation team has over 50 years of combined experience relating to specific complex areas of law. Our lawyers have experience in other sectors including finance, IT, web design and property. Our industry experience allows us to provide our clients with better practical and commercially sensible solutions.

We are fast to identify what measures our clients need to take to ensure that their rights are being safeguards and that infringers are targeted and the unlawful activities stopped. We offer real-time commercial solutions dispensed to you definitively and comprehensively but specifically crafted for you or your business.

Disputes with international suppliers & customers

When you enter into a contract in a foreign country you'll need to make sure your business complies with both UK and foreign laws.  When drafting up contracts, we advise which laws have the most impact or benefit to your company and should a dispute arise, advise upon the best route to take.  The type of dispute would depend upon the type of action to take, whether it should be mediation, resolution or court action.  We ensure this is written into your contracts.

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