Brexit: A brave new dawn

Dawn on 24 June 2016 saw, as well as a new day, the start of a new era. Britain voted to leave the EU, and the Prime Minister  tendered his resignation.

With the ‘Leave’ campaign mustering 52% of votes cast, the decision has been made, and now, naturally, thoughts turn to the future. What does this mean for businesses and individuals in the UK? In truth, nobody yet knows. With such a range of economic and social drivers in play, it is virtually impossible to accurately predict the future based on past experience. Now, more so than ever.



A recent ruling by the European Court of Justice handing expanded trade negotiating powers to Brussels has given a boost to the UKs ambition to sign a Free Trade Agreement after Brexit. This is a positive move, which means that any trade deal would not need ratification by all 38 EU members.


With a General Election to be held on 8 June and the Government in purdah, theoretically this means that no sensitive announcements – such as developments in the Brexit process - can be made. With a potential change of parliament, no party will want to disclose its negotiation plans to the EU, so it is likely that there will be no significant announcements until after the election.

Forthcoming Events

8 June 2017
UK General Election
16 September 2017
Liberal Democrat Party Conference, Bournemouth
24 September 2017
Labour Party Conference, Brighton
1 October 2017
Tory Party Conference, Manchester
19 October 2017
EU Summit, Brussels

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