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Information Technology / E-commerce

We offer a range of services to support your IT / E-commerce business needs, from Software Licensing to Online trading terms and conditions. Our expertise include:

  • Drafting and negotiating cloud computing agreements for the provision of business critical hosted software.
  • Drafting app development agreements.
  • Help with Software Licensing if you are developing software or using another company’s products.
  • Advice on IT Support and Maintenance agreements, making sure your business has strong and enforceable remedies if IT goes wrong.
  • Copyright advice, including how best to use tactics such as seeding, to protect the source and object code for a piece of software.
  • Escrow Services, whereby vital software your business uses is held securely by a third party, so if the licensor goes out of business, you can obtain the source code and host the software yourself, guaranteeing continued use of the software.
  • Advice on websites including privacy policies and trading terms.
  • Protection for your online presence, with online trading terms and conditions, covering, amongst other things, the new EU Cookies directive.

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